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Who is Pro List Direct, and how can I trust you?

We are a well-established U.S.-based mailing list company.

We specialize in providing you with successful mailing lists, quickly, and at affordable prices.

We are an Experian partner and have hundreds of satisfied customers.

We are very serious about security and privacy and take great pride in the quality of our data and customer service.

Hundreds of people and businesses have trusted us already.  You can too!

Why should I use your services?

Do you need to grow your business?  Do you have difficulty understanding and using our competitors' systems?  Do you need accurate, up-to-date mailing lists in a hurry?  Do you need a list company you can trust both now and in the future?  There are many more reasons you should trust us with your mailing list needs! 

What format are your lists?

Our lists are E-mailed to you in two formats:  CSV and PDF Label-Ready Formats

You can use the lists in a wide variety of programs, such as Excel, Word, and more.

We also offer printed Peel and Stick Mailing List Labels.

Where is the data from?

We are partnered with Experian, a U.S. credit agency & global leader in data compilation & mailing lists.

Experian compiles lists by using thousands of resources including:  Birth Records, Purchase Information, Public Filings, Online & Offline marketing surveys & Census data.  

Learn more in the OUR DATA section of our website.  

All of our Mailing Lists are comprised of 100% Opportunity Seekers and Buyers.  

We do not provide any other categories.

Do I have to subscribe or pay a monthly fee?

No!  There are no subscriptions, no monthly fees, and no minimum orders.  You only pay for the data that you need, and that's it. 

Our Guarantee:  

We will refund you the cost of a Postcard Stamp (35 cents) for any undeliverable addresses that exceed the 5% rate we offer, when you use your list within 30 days of purchase and address your mail appropriately.  Please keep hold of all returned mail as proof of undeliverable addresses.  We do not reimburse for printing costs. 

Example:  We allow for no more than 5% of undeliverable addresses, so therefore,  if you purchase 500 Names, 5% would be 25 undeliverable addresses.  You will receive a refund for any amount over 25.  Please refer to our Return Policy at the bottom of our Website for more information.

How long does it take to receive my list?

If you choose to receive your list via EMAIL, then you will typically receive the list within 48 hours.

If you choose to receive your list on Peel and Stick Labels, then you will typically receive your list in 2-4 business days via USPS Priority Mail.  

**Orders will not be fulfilled until your payment has been approved.

we accept paypal and debit/credit cards at checkout